Kim Cowie


Rimming: A Definitive Guide on How to Eat Ass

When you're eye to eye with your lover’s butthole, make sure you both know what to do.
Gina Tonic
sex and relationships

The Women With a Cheating Fetish

It's called "homewrecker kink" – and it's definitely controversial.
Abby Moss
mental health

Why Your Anxiety Always Feels Worse at Night

There's something about the hours between midnight and 5AM that send people's most anxious thoughts into overdrive.
Daisy Jones

Cousin Marriages Could Die Out For British Muslim Pakistanis

Cousin marriage is legal in Britain. In one community, a new generation are rethinking the practice and its impact on their families.
Mohammad Zaheer

What it Feels Like to Get No Enjoyment From Music

“I've missed out on friendships and social situations because of it.”
James Greig
Social Media

The Rise of the Instagram Therapist

With more therapists than ever on social media, we should ask whether they need to follow a new set of guidelines.
Emily Reynolds
Women's Healthcare

We’re Finally Starting to Take Women’s Hormones Seriously

A new wave of books about women's bodies looks set to turn 'that time of the month' from a punchline to properly understood reality.
Hannah Ewens

Men Told Us How Bottoming Affects Their Eating Habits

“My boyfriend went out of the country for two weeks. My first thought was, ‘Finally, I can eat mushy peas!’”
Louis Staples
sex work

The Anonymous Lives of Phone Sex Operators

Talking intimacy, secrecy and the tricks of the trade with the women whose voices have soundtracked thousands of orgasms.
Annie Lord