Pratika Yashaswi


What It's Like to Run a Small Restaurant in India Amid the Pandemic

“When you win, you win exhausted from working 14-hour shifts and perpetually smelling like Schezwan sauce. When you lose, you dig into your savings to keep it afloat and seriously consider turning it into a grocery shop.”
Pratika Yashaswi

Pets Continue to be Abandoned in India. Now, Animal Rescuers are Working Overtime

Many bored people got pets to serve as pandemic companions. Then, while some realised keeping a pet is not as easy as they thought, some others were hit by a financial downturn.
Pratika Yashaswi

An Indian Organisation Is Making Sure Lab-Rescued Beagles Get New Homes

Far from being pitiable rescues, freed beagles (or ‘freagles') can be super loving and lovable pets.
Pratika Yashaswi

This Guy Is Forcing the Indian Government to Answer Some Tough Questions

Saket Gokhale quit his job to ask questions about powerful people and the work they do, something that can even get you killed in this country.
Pratika Yashaswi

What It’s Like to Run a Rehab Centre in Punjab, a State Plagued With Drug Addiction

Dr Sandeep Bhola sees about 100 patients a day, and has helped over 15,000. Yet, victory is miles away.
Pratika Yashaswi

People Tell Us About Using ‘Smart Drugs’ to Max out Their Productivity

“There was this one time when I was on ritalin and I jerked off for 11 hours straight. It was amazing but also horrible.”
Pratika Yashaswi

I Spoke With the Guy who Teaches Women how to ‘Win Husbands'

From cooking and sewing lessons to PPTs on the importance of obedience, his ‘Dulhan Course’ covers it all.
Pratika Yashaswi

Here’s How Queer Indians Feel About Not Being Able to Get Married or Adopt Kids

"I don't think that we can manage to protect ourselves and I don't see why I should bring a child into this situation."
Pratika Yashaswi