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The Best and Worst Case Scenarios for Music Festivals in 2021

"Will they be the same? We don’t really know. I hope to god they will be. If we have a vaccine, we’ll all be laughing our tits off!”
Ryan Bassil
sex and relationships

Lockdown Dating Is Even Weirder and More Awkward Than You Think

Sure, you can do Zoom booze-ups and not-so socially distanced walks. But COVID-19 dating often quickly fizzles out.
Ryan Bassil

Being Dumped By a Friend Is So Much Worse Than a Regular Breakup

"You start to think, 'what was the key moment where it went wrong?' What fault was I responsible for? You second guess yourself.”
Ryan Bassil

How the Lockdown Has Affected My Drug Use

Taking acid is the opposite of a bad idea for some people, while others have been smoking up or are newly experimenting.
Ryan Bassil

Supreme, Rolex, Nike: I Wear All Fake Everything, and I Don't See the Problem

"I have a replica Rolex that I took to three different expert watchmen, and they all told me it was legit."
Ryan Bassil

The Secret to Getting a 'Supreme Box Logo' Hoodie

The world of replica streetwear is packed with counterfeits sold at a fraction of the original price – and it's arguably on par with the quality of what you'd buy in-store.
Ryan Bassil
the internet

Netflix Party Got Hacked With Threats and Mysterious Pro-WikiLeaks Videos

Our Corona Film Club viewing – of 'Shrek the Third', no less – was interrupted by a pro-Julian Assange video that played on loop. Others have reported a phantom user harassing them in the chatroom.
Ryan Bassil
Helen Meriel Thomas

Ask an Expert: Just How Badly Will Coronavirus Wreck the Economy?

Coronavirus has already caused record unemployment. What's next?
Ryan Bassil

I Don't Want to See Your Quarantine 'Art' Unless It's This

Many in isolation fancy themselves as artists. However, none are remaking 'The Shawshank Redemption' via Instagram Stories, like Fat White Family.
Ryan Bassil

What To Watch, Read and Listen To While You're Bored and Self-Isolating

Don't lose your head: pass the hours with some picks from VICE UK's culture writers.
Hannah Ewens
Ryan Bassil
Lauren O'Neill
Emma Garland
Daisy Jones

By 19, I Was Addicted to Gaming. This Is How It Ruined My Life

As the UK's first publicly-funded clinic for gaming disorders opens, we explore the truth beyond sensationalist headlines.
Ryan Bassil
End of the 2010s

A Decade in Style: Hipsters, Teen Hypebeasts and Retro Football Shirts

From the landfill indie scene to Supreme and 'Mundial' magazine lads, the 2010s saw style tribes splinter into smaller sub-niches.
Ryan Bassil