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Stuck in Paradise: What It’s Like Living on a Philippine Island During Lockdown

"I don’t know if this lockdown is gonna be over but for sure, I will have really nice memories to go back to when I look at the photos and videos I took."
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These Are the Best K-Dramas on Netflix According to Koreans

If you finally want to dip into the K-drama pool, here are some of the best ones to binge at home.
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Junhyup Kwon

How to Stay Sustainable During Home Quarantine

While we’re relying on prepackaged food and gadgets more than ever, limiting waste and conserving energy is still possible while stuck indoors.
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VICE on Earth Day 2020

Here Are Some Illustrations That Show Just How Good the Pandemic Has Been for the Environment

While only time will tell if these changes will last, here’s some positive news during this dark time.
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Sharon Shum

These Are Your Heartfelt Notes to Healthcare Workers and Frontline Heroes

“To my sister... I still remember how scared you used to get when a lizard crept in the room when we were kids. Look at you now, fighting an enemy we can't see.”
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As Told To

I Lost My Dad to the Coronavirus. We Couldn’t Even Say Goodbye.

"It’s heartbreaking that not a single one of us saw our dad during his last days."
Leandro Resurreccion IV
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Filipinos Get Creative With Coronavirus-Inspired Baby Names

"Hello, my name is Covid Lorraine."
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These Filipino Women Have Never Had Boyfriends and They Couldn’t Be Happier

Singledom has become so popular in the Philippines that women are now reclaiming the term "No Boyfriend Since Birth."
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As Told To

My Life as a K-Pop Idol Was Stifling. Here’s What Finally Made Me Quit.

“I started to make a lot of money and people started recognising me, but because I was not being myself, the more money that came in, the lower my self-esteem got.”

What it’s Like to Write, Direct, and Shoot All Your Own Porn

We spoke to an "independent porn star" based in the Philippines. She told us how she got into this industry, how she makes money, and what friends and family think of her profession.
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Natashya Gutierrez
Views My Own

Hate K-Pop? I Did Too… Until I Turned Into a Super Fan.

It was a rude awakening to find that I was missing out on an entirely different pop culture universe.
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Stop Blaming Developing Countries for the World’s Plastic Problem

Prevailing views of an exotic, dirty Asia is hurting the environment. In reality, rich western countries are just as much—if not more—at fault.
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