Months After a Terrorist Attack, New Zealand Begins to Hand Over Its Guns

More than 900 gun owners have registered to hand over their firearms.
Meera Navlakha
2 hours ago
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Porn and Netflix Could Each Be Generating as Much CO2 as Bangladesh

Video files might be immaterial, but it takes a lot of power to get them to your phone.
Gavin Butler
2 hours ago

Novak Djokovic: Meditation, Yoga and Veganism Helped Shape My Success

This year's Wimbledon winner on how changing his lifestyle helped him change his game.
Jamie Millar
18 hours ago
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A Man Stuffed Rs 7 Lakh Worth of Hash Into His Slippers and Tried Smuggling it Into Doha

He was also carrying about 200 grams of it in his underwear.
Shamani Joshi
18 hours ago

Photos of the Bihar Pride Parade Show How Homophobic India Is Slowly Changing

The pride parade in Patna on July 14 had to swap the Pride Flag for the Transgender Pride Flag, but hundreds of people showed up to support the queer community.
Javed Sultan
18 hours ago
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Freak Accident at an Ahmedabad Theme Park Kills Two, Injures Over 20

The ‘Discovery’ pendulum ride is said to have collapsed due to the pipe in its main shaft breaking down.
Shamani Joshi
21 hours ago
sexual health

Remember Crabs? Turns Out They Didn't Disappear Along With Our Pubes

When pubic hair became less fashionable, so did talking about crabs—but they're just as common as they've ever been.
Mark Hay
a day ago
Eat This

This Is What Would Happen to Your Body if You Only Ate Fruits and Vegetables

We're not talking plant-based. We're talking plants only.
Grant Stoddard
a day ago

This Website Lets You Track Elon Musk’s Sports Car Through Space

Dude, where's my luxury Tesla?
Daniel Oberhaus
a day ago

So Here's a Coast Guard Dude Just Surfing a 40-Foot Narco-Sub Packed With Cocaine

Only 11% of cartel subs in the Pacific Ocean are ever caught.
Kelly Vinett
a day ago

Indonesian Government Plans To Create Manmade Rain To Solve Air Pollution Problem

Jakarta is notorious for its unclean air, but becoming the city with the world’s worst air pollution took it to the next level. Can man-made rain fix this?
Ikhwan Hastanto
a day ago

These Hong Kong Youth Aren't Afraid To Show Off Their Ink

i-D talks to five artists that are trying to break the stigma around tattoo culture.
Emma Russell
a day ago