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Some Questions For Justin Trudeau, Our Prime Minister Who Loves Brownface (and Blackface)

Justin Trudeau wants Canadians to forgive his racism—but he hasn't explained why we should.


Justin Trudeau Admits to Wearing Blackface and Brownface

“It was racist,” the prime minister told reporters.


Canadian Teens Are Pledging Not to Have Children to Fight Climate Change

Young people are thinking twice about bringing kids into “a world that is increasingly unsuitable for life.”


How to Quit Your Shitty Job and Become a Competitive Dancer

Meet Andrew "Pyro" Chung, a former factory worker and Costco cart collector turned street dancer and studio owner.


How a Group Of Gamers Tracked Down a Quadruple Murder Suspect

When one of their friends said he killed three people and was about to kill another, the members of a gaming forum sprung into action. But they were faced with a terrible situation—the clock was ticking and they had no idea where the alleged killer was.


Canadian Drivers Are Causing Accidents Because They’re Too Nice

Police in Prince Edward Island are warning their drivers to stop waving cars into opposing traffic because it’s the nice thing to do.


Glass Skyscrapers Have Turned Entire Cities Into Energy Vampires

Energy inefficient condos and office towers are the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions, but hey, developers love them.


Canadians Can Now Order Shrooms From This Dispensary

Longtime cannabis activist Dana Larsen wants psychedelic mushrooms to be the next decriminalized drug.


Canada Declares Climate Emergency, Then Approves Massive Oil Pipeline Expansion

Canada can’t meet its Paris climate targets without reducing emissions from the oil and gas sector, experts say.


Justin Trudeau Will Ban Single-Use Plastics as Early as 2021, If Re-Elected

Canada’s plastic waste has become an international embarrassment.


The Cult of Home Ownership Tortures Millennials Unnecessarily

Experts say the astronomical cost of living in big cities is burden enough without adding the stress of buying a home at any cost.