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Jharkhand Doctor Prescribes Pregnancy Tests to Men Complaining of Stomach Pain

A similar incident took place in July, when another government doctor in the state prescribed condoms to a woman who had a stomach ache.


Sailor Moon Condoms Are a Thing and the Japanese Government Is Giving Them Away for Free

They come in heart-shaped packaging and are given away during STI awareness campaigns.


Delhi Cab Drivers Are Carrying Condoms Based on a Bizarre Rumour

Believing they will be fined under the revised Motor Vehicles Act, private cab drivers have been carrying condoms in their first-aid boxes.


Condoms Blocking Drains is a Serious Problem in Indonesia’s Capital

Used condoms are clogging Jakarta’s drains and stressing out wastewater treatment centers workers.


The Quest for a Small Condom

If buying condoms is a chore, try looking for one that’s in your size.