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When I Was 6, My Dad Almost Killed Our Entire Family

On our way home from a holiday, he accidentally plunged us all into a ravine. I asked him about it now, more than 15 years later.


A Chinese Family Collectively Married and Divorced 23 Times to Scam the Government

The more marriages, the more free apartments.


The DM That Changed My Life: A Three-Word Email from My Mum

My mum has had the same phone for nearly a decade now. A battered, pay-as-you-go Blackberry with no data or wifi compatibility.


What Happens to Polyamorous Relationships When One Partner Has Kids

When a member of a polycule gets pregnant, everyone faces new choices about how to adjust their relationships.


'Family-Friendly' Occupations for Women Are a Myth

A New York Times story pushed medicine as the ideal career for women. A closer look at data shows "better work-life balance" is actually "choosing careers that require fewer hours" and "still relatively less pay."


I Hadn't Seen My Addict Father in Years—Then I Ran Into Him on the Street

I spotted my dad hanging out in a sketchy alley in my hometown. He didn't even recognize me when I introduced myself.


How to Deal With Friends Who Are Racist, Sexist or Bigoted

In an increasingly divided world, should you sever relationships because associating with bigots make you a bigot or is it okay to let it slide as a small downside of someone who is otherwise great?


It Will Soon Be Illegal to Get Paid as a Surrogate Mother in India

The proposed bill says surrogacy will only involve Indian couples, and will be done by a ‘close relative’, with no money involved.


Same-Sex Relationships and Single Parents Now Included in Maharashtra Sociology Textbooks

The syllabus now also talks about live-in relationships, gender equality and equal pay to keep up with current times.


Political Rallies in the Indian Heartland Are Often Just a Family’s Day Out

We tag along with an 80-member family to know why a collective show of support for their politician of choice is important.


Why So Many Women Fear Becoming Their Moms

A psychologist tells us why we are so resistant to the idea of being like mom, no matter how much we love her.


How to Navigate Mental Illness in a Relationship

According to people with depression.