Some People Think You Can Get High Off Your Own Period

It's called "menstrual tripping", FYI.
Stephanie Stark
3 days ago
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1 in 16 Women Report Their First 'Sexual' Experiences Were Rape or Assault

Extrapolated to the whole U.S. population, this would mean 3.3 million women have experienced "forced sexual initiation."
Jesse Hicks
4 days ago

California Is Set to Require Public Universities Offer On-Campus Abortions

A bill heads to California Gov. Gavin Newsom's desk, and he's pledged to sign it.
Carter Sherman
5 days ago

It’s Official: VICE's Reporting Makes Readers Take Drugs More Safely

A study found that a VICE headline about fake MDMA encouraged people to test their drugs.
Max Daly
5 days ago

Breathing Is the Hot New Wellness Trend

I attended a couple of "breathwork" classes that claim that improving the way you breathe can actually make your life better.
Almaz Ohene

A Man in China Who Ate Raw Fish for Three Years Now Has a Liver Infested With Parasites

It’s not that rare, around 15 million people have it.
Edoardo Liotta
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FDA Finds Salmonella Bacteria in MDH Sambhar Masala Sold in the US

MDH, a household name in Indian cooking, is recalling its products from the retail stores of California for a contamination that can cause diarrhoea, cramps and fever within days of consuming it.
VICE India Staff
Drugs Addiction

Vape-Related Deaths Are Scaring People Back into Smoking Cigs

"I realized that if I'm going to die from nicotine, I'd rather have it be at age 60 from cancer than 24 from my lungs exploding or whatever."
Alex Norcia
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New Zealand Woman’s Lungs Punctured During Acupuncture Mishap

The 33-year-old expressed pain as the needles went in and said they felt “extremely deep." Hours later, she was sent to the local hospital's emergency department.
Gavin Butler

How Circumcision Affects the Sensitivity of Your Penis

According to a study, men are freaking out about this way too much.
Gabby Bess

Running Is the Worst Way to Get Fit

If you want to be in shape, skip the 10K training and sprint—but don't jog—to the nearest weight room.
Nick English

The Reality of Being Pregnant at University

Why isn't support, access or information better for people who become pregnant, or parents, while studying?
Nell Frizzell