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An Undocumented Immigrant Has Been Making Trump's Bed for Years

She's reportedly just one of many employees working without proper papers at the president's New Jersey golf club.
Drew Schwartz

What Trump 'Closing the Border' Might Actually Look Like

The president seems to want to stop asylum seekers from coming to the US—which could spark legal challenges and cause problems at the border.
Harry Cheadle

Saigon's Food Scene Is Being Transformed by the Returning Vietnamese Diaspora

Vietnamese expats, known as Viet Kieu, are returning to the city in droves—which has been great news for its food scene.
Dan Q. Dao
Pakistan Elections

How the One Pound Fish Man Became a Political Jingle Writer

Once second only to 'Gangnam Style', Muhammad Shahid Nazir now pens ditties like 'Hum Sher Dil Hum Sher Jawan' for Nawaz Sharif.
Paul Gasnier

Immigrants Explain What Shocked Them About American Culture

"Food-wise, I noticed us all getting these round faces from the bad food we ate. We did not realize it, because it was the standard and you think because it's advertised and readily available it can't be bad for you."
Serena Solomon

When Recalling the Trauma of Sexual Violence Is Your Best Shot at a Visa

America's U Visa offers hope to survivors of awful crimes, even under Donald Trump. But applying can be its own kind of nightmare.
Opheli Garcia Lawler

Domestic Workers Are Using WhatsApp to Organize and Escape Abuse

The hugely popular messaging service provides an unlikely lifeline for migrant women working as live-in maids and nannies in Lebanon.
Laura Secorun
Augmented Reality

Screen Muslims Like a Real Customs Officer in This New AR Experience

The creators of 'Terminal 3' hope the experience will challenge users preconceived notions of Muslims.
Justin Caffier

The 'Golden Cage' Visa Forces Immigrant Men to Be Stay-at-Home Husbands

The H-4 visa lets spouses of workers stay in the country, but can also be a trap.
Sushmita Pathak