20 hours ago

10 Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask a TikTok Influencer

Fun Bucket Bhargav, a 23-year-old TikTok creator who amassed over four million followers in less than a year, opens up about the app the internet loves to hate.

3 days ago

A Big Fuck You to the Instagram 'Following' Tab

The platform is saying goodbye to the feature that allows you to see what other users are doing. Good riddance.

3 days ago

A Guide to Making Social Media Less Toxic for You

We know it's bad for our mental health, but it could be a positive place.


An Indian Dealer Explains Why Instagram Is so Great for Selling Weed

“I manipulate people. I might follow them but wait for them to see my Stories to know I sell.”


My Ex Deleted Me From His Instagram Because I Didn't Match His New Aesthetic

We’re still friends, but the rise of the ex-thetic means former partners everywhere are getting erased from the grid.


The Instagram Accounts Celebrating Lesbian Style

Accounts like @dykeanotherday, @dykedigital and more are countering the stereotype that gay women only dress in flannel shirts and baggy jeans.


Instagram Is Giving Gen Z an LGBTQ Education

Accounts like @h_e_r_s_t_o_r_y, @transmascstudies and more are filling the gaps left in young peoples' knowledge.


We Asked People About the Creepiest Messages They’ve Ever Got

“This random dude once asked me if I sold my used panties, saying he really wanted to buy one and would pay any price for it”


The Unstoppable Rise of the 'Instagram Face'

Kylie Jenner and other influencers have inspired a new beauty aesthetic and a wave of cheap non-surgical interventions – some riskier than others.


People Are Poking Holes in Influencer Tactics – What Comes Next?

After some big 'gotcha' press stories ran this summer, I went to an "influencer festival" to see how the industry may respond.


How Alt Right Memes are Indoctrinating Gen Z

Neo-fascists are using social media platforms to spread racism, homophobia, transphobia and sexism.


I Tried Living Like Dan Bilzerian and Realised What His Problem Is

Dan is an Instagram celebrity who plays poker, shoots guns, and lies around in actual piles of strippers. He seems happy, or so I thought.