Kerala Man Shaves Head to Smuggle Gold Under His Wig

The man named Noushad tried to smuggle one kg of gold in a compound form, but was caught at the Kochi airport because of a tip-off.


Police in Flood-Affected Kerala Register 19 Cases of Fake Relief Campaigns

As the flood-stricken state scrambles to provide relief to the victims, fake news and misinformation are affecting the number of donations made by people.


Over 1500 People in Kerala Open Postal Accounts After Fake News Promises Them Money

After a WhatsApp message promised that people could avail financial benefits up to Rs 15 Lakh, thousands queued up at the local post office despite the authorities insisting it's not true.


A Man Stuffed Rs 7 Lakh Worth of Hash Into His Slippers and Tried Smuggling it Into Doha

He was also carrying about 200 grams of it in his underwear.


Man Sets off Suicide Bomb in Kerala While Hugging a Woman

In what is speculated to be the first of such an attack, the man embraced his alleged lover, killing them both.


My City On A Plate

From Kashmir to Kerala, and Sindh to Meghalaya—to conclude our special ‘Khaane Mein Kya Hain?’ series, VICE asked food lovers from across the country to tell us how food is where their heart (and home) is.


From Feuding Queens to Rebel Sultans, the Dead Are Alive in Manu Pillai’s Books

A young historian explains why the past is full of gossip folks.