In Indonesia, Google Searches About Marriages Between Cousins Spike During the Holidays

The real question is, can we marry them? Is it even safe, medically speaking?
Ikhwan Hastanto
2 days ago

We Asked Queer Indians How They First Learned About Sex

Porn, trial-and-error, Sidney Sheldon—LGBTQ+ youth tell us about their initiation into the world of sex and sexuality in a country where sex ed is either super-hetero or missing altogether.
Pallavi Pundir
5 days ago

China Takes Its Pre-Wedding Photoshoots More Seriously Than Anyone Else Does

Thousands of dollars and months of preparation are becoming the norm.
Lex Celera
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An Indian Court Endorsed Intercaste Marriages, Saying It's the Only Way to Kill the Caste System

"These changes must be accepted by the elders and this change is infact good for the society in rooting out the caste system."
Pallavi Pundir
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A Frog Wedding Was Held in Karnataka in a Desperate Bid to Make It Rain

The event's organisers even sent out invitation cards, got custom wedding clothes made for the frogs, and arranged for them to go on a honeymoon.
Shamani Joshi

After I Divorced My Wife, 'The Real Housewives' Saved Me

I am a small-town reporter in Montana who identifies as a soft butch. I didn't expect Bethenny Frankel to get me through the hardest time of my life.
Molly Priddy
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Asia's First Official Same-Sex Weddings Just Took Place in Taiwan

After a three-decade battle, about 300 couples are expected to legally tie the knot for the first time in the continent.
Shamani Joshi

Someone in China Built a Creepy Database of 1.8 Million Women and Their 'Breedready' Status

It's unknown who compiled the list or how, but it includes everything from phone numbers to marital status.
Edoardo Liotta
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The Dad Offering $440K for Someone to Marry His Daughter Wants People to Stop Calling

Around 10,000 people have applied.
Edoardo Liotta

Life Inside Indonesia's Widow-Only Village

The Arbain housing complex in East Java is a quiet but resilient community of widows who take care of one another despite the stigma of widowhood in the country.
Asad Asnawi

My Boner-Pill Habit Became a Dependence on Nasal Spray

Allow me to explain.
Grant Stoddard

You Can Have $440K and a Durian Business if You Marry This Man's Daughter

The father will only consider people who don't gamble, are hard workers, and who truly love his daughter.
Edoardo Liotta