Ten Sri Lankan Cricket Players Back out of Pakistan Tour Over Security Concerns

After the 2009 terror attack on the team in Lahore, top players, including Lasith Malinga and ODI captain Dimuth Karunaratne, are fearful of stepping into the country.


Asians Continue to Use Skin Whitening Products Despite Their Toxic Levels of Mercury

Whitening creams are popular across Asia, where light skin is generally perceived as more beautiful.


India’s Supreme Court to Decide Whether Scrapping Article 370 Was Constitutional

As petitions challenging the restrictions imposed in Kashmir pile up, the Chief Justice of India has said a five-judge bench will look into the issue in early October.


Pakistani Senator Tags UNO the Card Game Instead of United Nations in a Tweet on Kashmir

And the Twitterverse is exploding with amusement at this wild card.


Bangladesh to Replace ‘Virgin’ With ‘Unmarried’ Before Bride’s Name in Muslim Marriage Certificate

Activists see the verdict as a ‘landmark’ win over a provision that violates the right to privacy and is discriminatory against women who want to get married.


Priyanka Chopra’s Controversial Tweet During Indo-Pak Tensions Finds UN Support

The actor was criticised for snubbing a Pakistani activist who called her a hypocrite for her patriotic tweet during Indo-Pak tensions. This week, a Pakistani minister had called for the UN to revoke her Goodwill Ambassador status.


Gujarat Is the New ‘Favourite’ Route for Pakistani Cartels Smuggling Drugs to the West

“If a fisherman brings five kgs of heroin along with 500 kgs of fish in his boat, it is very difficult to catch him.”


Twitter is Enraged by a Pakistani Model Using Blackface

The country has had a well-recorded history of being obsessed with fair skin, making the campaign at hand all the more questionable.


Monsoon Season is Devastating South Asia Right Now

In India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, hundreds are dead and millions have fled their homes. And monsoon season is just beginning.


Pakistani Politician Mistakes Video Game Plane for Reality, Praises Pilot for ‘Narrow Escape’

Khurram Nawaz Gandapur tweeted out a video of a plane avoiding collision only to be told that it was computer graphics from the GTA V video game.


Rich People in Pakistan Keep Pet Lions and Exotic Animals to Flex Their Fortunes

Over 300 lions can be found in gardens, farmhouses and rooftop cages in Karachi alone.