Scientists Find Black Carbon Particles in Placenta Of Pregnant Women Exposed to Air Pollution

Research reveals that these particles, usually found in emissions from coal power plants and car exhausts, can potentially transfer to unborn babies and lead to low birth weight, miscarriages and premature births.


Being Poor Literally Makes You Age Faster

Which makes you need medical care, which makes you even poorer...hmm!


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The Story of the Couple Who Shagged in an MRI Machine for Science

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Maybe Social Media Isn’t As Bad for Teens As We Thought

New research found no correlation between screen time and negative effects on mental health.


Alarming Report Finds Not a Single Girl Born in 132 Indian Villages Since April

"We have discovered that out of total 216 deliveries not a single girl child has been born in 132 villages, which is suspicious and has highlighted female foeticide."


Scientists Want to Inspire Public Conversations About Death

A new installation at a London shopping mall aims to make conversations about our mortality more commonplace.


People Rate Beer More Highly if They Think it's Made by a Man, Study Says

“There’s an assumption that your woman-made craft beer, screwdriver, or roof rack just won’t be as good.”


People Are Literally Dying for the Perfect Selfie

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The Psychological Effects of Grieving on Social Media

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Smoking up Before Sex Can Lead to More Intense Orgasms

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