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Cigarette Companies Fuel the Youth Sports Industry in Indonesia and Children’s Organisations Are Stopping It

A badminton tournament held yearly for Indonesia’s youth by one of the country’s largest cigarette companies will no longer continue after backlash from children’s rights activists.
Ikhwan Hastanto
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I Watch Serena Williams Work Her Ass Off to Do Literally Any of My Own Work

If she can win 23 Grand Slam titles, perhaps I can sit down to write, say, 1,000 words.
Mitchell Kuga
The VICE Guide to Right Now

PV Sindhu Is First-Ever Indian to Become Badminton World Champion

“Finally, I’ve become national, sorry, world champion!”
Pallavi Pundir

The Boerne 0.5K Run is for "Underachievers" Who Like Smoke Breaks and Beer

That's the length of five football fields, y'all—with a built-in halfway smoke break.
Liam Daniel Pierce

We Trailed This World Boxing Champ as He Trained for His First Bare-Knuckle Fight

It was a chance for Paulie Malignaggi to end his career on a high note.
Ben Anderson
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Medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Will Be Made From Recycled Phones

Nothing like being a good sport with some environmentally-conscious bling.
Shamani Joshi

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Might Just Be the Best One Yet

After stumbling through scandal and doubts, Japan is determined to do a good job at next year's Olympics.
Lex Celera

An Islamic Body in Indonesia Forbids Women From Playing Football

The U.S. Women’s National Football team just capped off an inspiring World Cup victory, but in Indonesia, one city is forbidding women from playing the game.
Adi Renaldi

What It's Like to Have Your First Professional Fight at 39

After nearly dying as a rock star, my life took a dramatic turn.
Robin Black
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Indian Cricket Fans Want to ‘Mute’ World Cup Commentator Sanjay Manjrekar for Being Too Biased

There’s even a petition against him which has got over 9,000 signatures.
Shamani Joshi
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Scientists Say Chemical Found in Spinach Is Basically a Steroid, Should Be Banned for Athletes

Tired: blaming boner pills for your doping allegations. Wired: blaming a salad!
Jelisa Castrodale

Say Hello To Rui Hachimura, The First Japanese National Drafted in The NBA

The 21-year-old made history.
Lex Celera