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Cops Arrest Indian Teenager for ‘Kidnapping’ Her Lesbian Partner After Charges Are Laid by Father

The minor "victim" said that the two had known each other for almost two years, and considers the accused as her “husband”.
Pallavi Pundir

India’s Supreme Court to Decide Whether Scrapping Article 370 Was Constitutional

As petitions challenging the restrictions imposed in Kashmir pile up, the Chief Justice of India has said a five-judge bench will look into the issue in early October.
Shamani Joshi
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India’s Supreme Court Says Not All Sex With a Failed Promise to Marry Is Rape

In April 2019, the Supreme Court had passed a verdict saying that sex between consenting adults based on a false promise of marriage will be considered rape. Now it clarifies it’s not rape unless false promise is proven.
Pallavi Pundir

Royal Families in Rajasthan Say They're Descendants of Lord Ram

They are willing to provide documents to make the process of creating a temple for Lord Ram a smoother one.
Meera Navlakha
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Indian Movie Theatres Will Soon Screen Awareness Clips on Sexual Assault on Children

The Supreme Court has also been instructed to set up exclusive courts to take up child abuse cases.
Shamani Joshi
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Is India’s Supreme Court Reluctant to Appoint a Gay Judge?

A report by the Intelligence Bureau said the lawyer’s partner is a foreign national and “a security risk”, but a senior judge said that the Supreme Court should not focus on his sexual orientation and relationship.
Pallavi Pundir
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India’s Supreme Court Rejects Plea to Allow Muslim Women Entry Into Mosques

The Chief Justice said, “Let a Muslim woman come and challenge it. Then we will consider.”
Shamani Joshi

How I Lost Myself to India's Chemsex Scene and Overdosed, But Survived to Tell the Story

Inside the dark world of drug-fuelled sex parties where an increasing number of gay Indians want to feel belonged, drug abuse is more than just a health hazard.
Sadam Hanjabam

Now That You Can Trademark Swear Words, Here Are All the Wildest NSFW Requests

A US Supreme Court ruling on vulgar trademarks is making space for new, profane ventures, from "A$$RICH" to "Bitchigan."
Drew Schwartz

Performing Abortions in Alabama Could Soon be Punishable by up to 99 Years in Prison

The Alabama House is voting on a bill that would make almost all abortions illegal.
Carter Sherman
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Who’s Afraid of TikTok?

The interim ban by the Indian Supreme Court has led to the removal of the Chinese app from Google Play and Apple stores. But digital activists say the move might be reducing India to a “nanny state”.
Pallavi Pundir
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These Law Students in Northern India Are Fighting For The Constitutional Right Of 4 Lakh Prisoners to Vote

“If one can contest for elections from within the prison, why can’t they vote too?"
Pallavi Pundir