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an hour ago

Minister in Goa Is Worried Cows Are Turning Non-Vegetarian and Wants to ‘Treat’ Them

Michael Lobo, Goa’s garbage management minister, claims cattle from Calangute are rejecting vegetarian feed for chicken and fried fish.

2 hours ago

An Indian College Has Apologised for Making Its Students Wear Boxes Over Their Heads for an Exam

We guess ‘thinking outside the box’ wasn’t a requirement for this one.

4 hours ago

In Indonesia, Dozens of Children and Teens Are Hospitalised Every Month for Gaming Addiction

Hundreds of people have been examined in one hospital for gaming addiction since 2016.

4 hours ago

A Pigeon Was Tear-Gassed in the Protests. Hong Kongers Stopped to Help.

Let this video restore your faith in humanity.

3 days ago

A Matrimonial Firm Had to Pay Rs 62,000 For Failing to Find a Suitable Groom for a Client

The complainant, Surinder Pal Singh Chahal, also said that Wedding Wish Pvt Ltd suggested “manglik” boys for his daughter.

3 days ago

Hong Kong Woman Thought Her Flatmates Were Joking About Murdering Someone. Turns Out They Weren’t.

She overheard them saying that they were going to kill a man for $30 million.

3 days ago

Police Detained Northeast Indians Thinking They’re Tibetans Who Might Protest Against Chinese President’s Visit

Around 40 Northeastern people, including women, were detained despite having identity cards.

3 days ago

Two Men Nabbed for Selling Crystal Meth on a Dating App

The suspects used fake accounts and code words in chat messages.

3 days ago

16-Year-Old Indian Activist Files Petition Against Amazon and Flipkart for Using Ridiculous Amounts of Packaging

The young activist said the companies use “excessive” plastic when delivering goods.

3 days ago

Stop Blaming Developing Countries for the World’s Plastic Problem

Prevailing views of an exotic, dirty Asia is hurting the environment. In reality, rich western countries are just as much—if not more—at fault.

4 days ago

Man From Tamil Nadu Faces Threats From Family For Marrying a Trans Woman, Seeks Protection

Even though his family took him down to the police station and reported him, he got married. Now, he is facing assault threats.

4 days ago

New Report Confirms India Is Still One of the Hungriest Countries in the World

The report further adds how climate change is making the crisis worse for the poorly performing countries.