Sex Rated

Meet the Guy Who Ran Swingers Parties in 1980s Pakistan

"The dictatorship made it all the more exciting. We were rebelling in the crudest way possible."

Mahmood Fazal

How to Have a Sex Party

Practical information for having sex with all of your friends.

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Researchers Made a Self Lubricating Condom That Can Withstand '1,000 Thrusts'

It gets slippery when wet.

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I Got My Penis Zapped for Better Boners

This treatment is meant for erectile dysfunction, but people who just want harder, longer-lasting erections might also benefit.

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Bad News: Tongue Kissing May Transmit Gonorrhoea

We spoke to an Australian researcher who recently discovered that the STI can be spread through french kissing.

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Why Matriarchy Means Better Sex and a Better Society

It's time that women ran the world.

Dr. Kate Lister

Commuting and Cruising in the Kolkata Metro

Where do you get off, sir?

Naman Mukesh Chaudhary

I Attended a Polyamory Meet-Up in Chennai

Having support from polyamorous friends is just as important as finding romantic partners, especially in a conservative city.

Divya Karthikeyan

Inside the Secret World of Gay & Trans Sex Parties of India

Crossdressers, gay and trans-Indians are raving, but their queer parties tell us a story beyond sex.

Roshan Kokane

How I Met My Daddy

Dating older men in India can be whimsical and disappointing at the same time for young gay men.

Navin Noronha

Why Be a Sex Slave?

"There is something very appealing and raw about being treated as a slave." The obscure Gor sci-fi series from the 1970s inspired this woman's decision.


Why Are There Engravings of a Donkey Fucking Someone’s Mother in India?

These medieval Indian stones haven’t really been studied properly.

Maroosha Muzaffar