3 days ago

Man From Ahmedabad Cuts off Wife’s Tongue, Tells Police It Got Stuck While Kissing

Before this incident, the accused was also charged with murder for allegedly burning his first wife, and had physically assaulted his second wife.

3 days ago

A Man in Pakistan Unleashed His Pet Lion on a Handyman Who'd Asked to be Paid

He's now facing charges of attempted murder.

4 days ago

Jharkhand Doctor Prescribes Pregnancy Tests to Men Complaining of Stomach Pain

A similar incident took place in July, when another government doctor in the state prescribed condoms to a woman who had a stomach ache.

4 days ago

Man Finds Baby Girl Buried Alive While Digging Grave for His Own Daughter

The man stumbled upon an earthen pot in the ground and heard an infant crying, only to realise it held a baby girl.


Tourists Will Soon Be Able to Live Like Prisoners in Asia’s Biggest Jail

India’s Tihar Jail plans to offer visitors the real prison experience such as living in a locked-up cell, eating jail food, wearing the uniform and possibly chilling with some real inmates.


Bees in Australia are Getting Drunk on Fermented Nectar and Being Refused Re-Entry to the Hive

Oddly, the phenomenon has been observed several times around the lawns of Australia's Parliament House.


Toilet Selfies Are Becoming a Pre-Wedding Ritual in Madhya Pradesh

Under a new government scheme, brides from economically backward sections are eligible to get Rs 51,000 if they can prove the groom's house has a toilet before the wedding.


Kerala Man Shaves Head to Smuggle Gold Under His Wig

The man named Noushad tried to smuggle one kg of gold in a compound form, but was caught at the Kochi airport because of a tip-off.


An Uttar Pradesh Man Found Out All His Organs are On the Wrong Side of His Body

Jamaluddin went to the doctor complaining of stomach pain, only to find out that his heart was placed on the right side of his body, while his gall bladder and liver were on the left.


A Guy Just Scammed People by Promoting an Orgy That Didn’t Exist

The poster of naked women advertising an “unlimited sex” nude party in Goa that went viral on social media was actually just a hoax.


We Asked People About the Creepiest Messages They’ve Ever Got

“This random dude once asked me if I sold my used panties, saying he really wanted to buy one and would pay any price for it”


Delhi Cab Drivers Are Carrying Condoms Based on a Bizarre Rumour

Believing they will be fined under the revised Motor Vehicles Act, private cab drivers have been carrying condoms in their first-aid boxes.