Yogi Adityanath


Police in Uttar Pradesh Have Been Asked to Identify Bangladeshis and ‘Other Foreigners’ so They Can Be Deported

They have even been ordered to comb through slums, train stations, bus stands and airports, and verify the documents of anyone who seems suspicious.


Comments on Opponent's Underwear and Other Shit That Got Indian Politicians Banned From Campaigning

“The Congress government used to serve biryani to terrorists and Modiji’s army sends bullets and bombs their way."


Hordes of Sacred Cows are Wreaking Havoc in India

Crops are being trampled and cattle farmers are being killed as a result of the Hindu-nationalist government's "cow protection" laws.


10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask an Indian Encounter Specialist

About dacoits and horses. And what it feels like to kill someone.


Smashing Patriarchy and Hostel Locks, the Women of AMU Broke out to Protest Against Police Violence

“It was a historic moment in the fight for gender equality in the campus.”


Hindutva and Police Violence Have AMU Students Bleeding for an 80-Year-Old Portrait

VICE spoke to students who were on the scene at Aligarh Muslim University.


Humans of the Hindu Yuva Vahini

As Yogi Adityanath contended with balancing hardline Hindutva and the demands of development during his first year as UP's chief minister, four members of his radical religious youth organisation went through their own struggles.


A Son of the Soil: Satyam Tiwari

“Yogi ji gave me a sapling. I’ve nurtured it and watched it grow across the district.”


An Independent Woman: Seema Giri

“I would never want to get married, ever. You lose all your freedom. Why would I ever do it?”


The New Recruit: Brijesh Sharma

“You think Mohammedans can’t join the Yuva Vahini, but they can, and they do.”