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Have You Already Broken Your New Year's Resolution?

We hit the streets to find out who among us has actually made good on their promises.
09 January 2017, 3:24am

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There's no taking 2017 back. We lost the receipt, threw the box out and broke the warranty terms and conditions. Has anyone managed to keep doing the thing they said they'd change about their life that they probably made up on the spot when someone asked them what their New Year's Resolution was? We asked some people on the street, then asked some more after the first people said things like "I don't want to talk to you," "sorry, I'm in a hurry to get away from this scenario" or "no English, except this sentence that I'm speaking."


What was your New Year's resolution?
My resolution was to fail more in 2017. I didn't fail nearly enough last year, because I wasn't pushing myself.

And have you failed yet?
I have, I've failed every day this year.

What was your best failure so far?
I tried a really, really difficult recipe for semifreddo. It's like an Italian style ice cream cake thing. It just didn't work, it split and it was all terrible.

I still would have eaten it anyway, did you?


What was your New Year's resolution?
I've been here for four months and my big goal this year is to learn to sing in English.

Have you kept it so far?
I've been singing every day.

Is there any particular music you like to sing?
I love R&B, soul, indie and 70s rock and all my favourite songs are in English. For this reason I love this city, Melbourne is very indie.


What was your New Year's resolution?
To not sleep with anyone I've already slept with before, because I have an awful habit of recycling boyfriends.

Have you broken it yet?
Not yet, five days in going strong.

Do you think you'll be able to keep it for the whole year?
Fingers crossed.


What was your New Year's resolution?
To learn how to skate.

How's it going?
I got a board for Christmas and I've been to the museum every day so far because it's really flat up there.

Have you learnt any big tricks so far?
I can ollie and I can manual, that's about it.

That's pretty good for like, two weeks. I think I tried for a year and just gave up.
The ollie is a bit hit and miss, sometimes I can do it.


What was your New Year's resolution?
To finally finish a year of Uni.

How's that looking?
I'm starting in February so hopefully by the end of this year I can keep it, it's my third attempt.

What was it that made it difficult to finish Uni the first two times?
I wanted to travel and I wanted to make money so they were priorities.

What are you studying this time?
I'll be studying French.

What kind of career does that lead to out of interest?
I have no idea.


What was your New Year's resolution?
I haven't got one.

Great, is that something that you don't care about or you just didn't get around to it?
I used to do it but I just lost interest if I'm honest.

Would you say it's just because you're 100% happy with how things are going?
Couldn't put it better myself.


What was your New Year's resolution?
Umm, I had a few, one of them was to drink less but then I realised I don't really drink much. I've forgotten the rest but there were definitely others.

Have you managed to drink less so far?
I've been working every night so yeah.

Do you think you'll keep it for the whole year?
I don't know, maybe?

Why do you think it matters to drink less?
Just to like, do better things in the day.

Hannah and Sophia

What was your New Year's resolution?
Sophia: We didn't have one this year.

Hannah: I think it's weird that we choose 365 days +1 to start doing something radically different, if you want to make a change, hopefully you have the bravery and audacity to do it when it's necessary.

So you just believe in continuous self-improvement rather than waiting until a special day that you have to have a weird epiphany?
S: I certainly think in like, a civilised sense, I think it allows people a chance to reassess their lives, I just think personally, my philosophy and I think Hannah would feel the same, I just don't need to wait for that particular day.

It does seem strange to pick a day where you're staying up late and getting quite intoxicated to make big life decisions.
S: I think it's silly when people make these outlandish resolutions about staying off junk food or giving up alcohol, but I think life is balance and that's magic in itself.

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