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Jordan Peele Is Bringing the Sci-Fi Comedy Series 'Weird City' to YouTube

How many great things can this guy make at once?

by River Donaghey
29 June 2018, 8:56pm

How does Jordan Peele work so much? Has he somehow defeated the basic human need for food and rest? Think about it: He's currently working on his Get Out follow-up, rebooting Twilight Zone, working on TV shows about 1970s Nazi hunters and Lovecraftian nightmares, and even getting back together with Keegan Michael-Key for an unofficial Key & Peele reunion. Now, because that's somehow not enough, the guy's got another series in the works.

On Friday, YouTube announced that it had given Peele a direct-to-series order for his new sci-fi comedy series, Weird City. According to Deadline, the show is an "an anthology set in the not-too-distant future metropolis of Weird," with each episode exploring "issues that pertain to present day life" and telling "stories that could only be told now through the prism of sci-fi and comedy."

From that synopsis, Weird City sounds a lot like a less fucking depressing Black Mirror, or maybe Twilight Zone with a few more laughs thrown in. Knowing Peele, he'll figure out a way to make the whole thing his own. He co-created the show with former Key & Peele writer Charlie Sanders, and the pair will write the six-episode first season together.

"Writer/creator Charlie Sanders and I collaborated on some Key & Peele sketches that took on everything from the ‘Black Republicans’ to 'Continental Breakfasts’ to ‘Family Matters,'" Peele said in a statement. "Now, with YouTube, we present a series of comedy-driven, twisted-ass science fiction stories that take place in a world close to ours but just a little bit off."

Writer/producer Jose Molina will serve as the series' showrunner, which is pretty excitingMolina is a brilliant storyteller, and the co-host of what is low-key the greatest film industry podcast with the worst name, Children of Tendu. With a team like this behind it, Weird City is definitely gearing up to be something special.

The show is an exciting get for the newly-minted YouTube Premium, following on the heels of YouTube's surprisingly solid Karate Kid spinoff, Cobra Kai. Weird City doesn't have an official release date yet, but its supposed to hit the streaming service sometime next year. By then, Peele will probably have another nine projects in the works.

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