Step Inside Zippora Seven’s Sun-Drenched Summer Photo Album

The Auckland-born, IMG-represented model has seen some pretty special places.

by Ariel Katz
06 February 2017, 2:23am

Model Zippora Seven has the kind of Instagram that is enviable to say the least. It's all beautiful people, magical locations and a lot of jumping into sparkling blue bodies of water.

When she's not travelling the world for work, she's chasing an endless summer with friends and documenting the adventures. Not wanting that archive to go unseen, we asked Zippy to share some of her favourite sun-drenched memories and she kindly obliged. Her photos will take you from the crystal clear waters of the Aeolian Islands to sunset strolls along a pier in Cuba and back to the empty beaches of New Zealand.

Cool off in the Aeolian Islands.

Walking to the end of a pier where we sat with a bottle of rum and listened to the music along the beach.

Hanging out to dry.

Our casa on the sea.

Effects of summer.

When my friend Shayne was given a mansion in Palm Beach to live in, but he preferred living out of his van.

This car makes me think of my friend Imogene.

Another friend who prefers to live out of his van, and I understand why.


Most of my memories of Venice include really tired feet.

Exploring the upstairs of a restaurant after eating there and chatting to the girls hanging out the cloths.

Alex going through a portal.

New Zealand summer, empty beaches.

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