Japanese Dad Arrested for Drifting Racing Tiny Pickup Truck for the 'Gram

Dad's got some skills.

by Alia Marsha
01 December 2018, 6:39pm

This article originally appeared on VICE ASIA.

Dads can't help but have weird hobbies. That's just what men do once they start to reproduce and settle into their safe, stable life and watch their mini-mes grow. Something about this feeling of "I have achieved all that was expected of me" prompts them to dedicate their free time and extra money to this one specific thing, usually a toy or some kind of leisure activity. My own dad went through several phases starting in his 40s — one year it was toy helicopters, then it was Harley-Davidson motorcycles, complete with head-to-toe leathers for several years. A few months ago he decided that he's going to be a bike guy, so he got himself a bicycle and bunch of new cycling friends. Personally, as his daughter, I'm a bit worried about the amount of money he's spending on all these new hobbies, but it's kind of sick that he's exercising again, so, I mean, it could be worse.

Worse how? How about getting real into drifting on a small pickup truck in broad daylight for the 'gram? This is exactly what one young dad in Japan actually started to do, until the cops stepped in and put an end to his fun. This 31-year-old man, whose name has not been published in Japanese media, has allegedly posted about 20 videos of him drifting the streets of Soeda, in Japan's Fukuoka Prefecture, on his Instagram account since September.

This is just one of them:

Though I too would love to see that man eventually rise to the heights of Japan's famous illegal street racers, the man has actually been charged with violating traffic laws for racing on public streets and illegally modifying his truck with wider, more drift-able, tires. And here's the thing, he was reported to the police by someone who watched his skills on his Instagram videos. Basically he just wanted to flex his drifting techniques to whoever's watching — and that whoever ended up snitching him out to the cops.

And although it's not the most impressive drift clip I've ever seen, you gotta hand it to the guy for doing the best with what he's got—I don't remember seeing a small pickup in Initial D.

His elementary school age son even got in on his dad's new hobby, recording some of the videos that made their way to the 'Gram (and eventually his criminal record). Kudos to that kid for being more supportive of his dad's weird hobbies than I've ever been of mine, I guess.

It definitely could have been worse — the dad could've been into Pokémon Go instead, and left his son to dangle from a fourth-floor balcony while he goes out to catch virtual monsters on the street. Wait, that actually happened.

This article originally appeared on VICE ASIA.

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