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Now Is Your Chance to Buy the Clown Motel of Your Nightmares

This potentially haunted, clown-filled property nestled next to a cemetery could be yours for just $900,000.
25 July 2017, 10:44pm
Image via Flickr user jtstewart

For 20 years, Bob Perchetti has served as curator, owner, and connoisseur at Nevada's Clown Motel, inviting guests to pop in for a cheap room and a chance to marvel at his extensive harlequin collection. Now that he's ready to retire, he's looking for a buyer willing to throw down $900,000 for what he calls "the scariest motel in the US," local CBS affiliate 8 News Now reports.

The low-slung wooden structure sits on a stretch of highway in Tonopah, Nevada, halfway between Las Vegas and Reno. Its interior is, as one might expect, packed to the brim with clown paraphernalia: clown statuettes, clown snow globes, clown posters, issues of Clowning Around magazine, miniature clowns, life-sized clowns, caged killer clowns, and—apparently, from time to time—actual human clowns. Each piece of decor comes from Perchetti's personal collection.

Image via Flickr user Will Keightley

"I love clowns," Perchetti told 8 News Now. "I've never had a problem with clowns. It became a way of life with me."

The motel lies just next to the town's first cemetery, and the combination of a freaky clown manor alongside a plot of ancient graves is a big draw for ghost hunters, the Houston Chronicle reports. A few Google reviews of the motel seem to indicate that the joint is, in fact, haunted. Guests have reported "strange orbs flying around," "a disembodied voice in room #214," and a "strange thing in the closets."

Image via Flickr user Will Keightley

If you've got a mind to snatch up the lodgings and tear the ghastly hellhole down to the ground, you're out of luck. The purchase of the historic landmark is contingent on the new owner preserving Perchetti's collection.

"I'm going to miss the clowns," he told 8 News Now. "I'm going to come back. I'm going to come back and visit my clowns."

Clowns have freaked people out long before hordes of them started terrorizing the country in 2016, creeping around neighborhoods and trying to lure children into the woods. The clown terror got even more horrifying a few months back when a man in clown paint and bladed gloves slashed a man to death in a Denver parking lot. Needless to say, clowns get a pretty bad rap, and it might be difficult for Perchetti to get the property off his hands.

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