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Man Finds a Way to Make Riding NYC's Failing Subway Even Scarier

A straphanger caught video of the guy hanging off a train car while it whipped through an underground tunnel.

by Drew Schwartz
10 July 2018, 7:09pm

Screengrab via Matt Beary / Instagram

New York's subway stations are basically the bowels of hell: You never know when you might get attacked by a dog, trapped inside a car, or seated next to a bunch of dead crabs. Some have managed to avoid the shitshow by embarking on alternative modes of transportation, from paddling their way across the city's waterways, to now, hanging off the outside of the trains, "subway surfing" without having to take a step inside.

According to the New York Post, straphanger Matt Beary captured one man's death wish of a stunt last Friday on his way to work. In a move Beary described as "awesome and also scary as hell," the guy mounted the outside of the C train at the Clinton-Washington station in Brooklyn, and rode it for a stop. At one point, he was only holding onto the thing with one hand, flying through the dark tunnel about as casually as that guy who got trapped on the hood of a speeding car in Miami.

Thankfully, the guy managed to hop off of the train unscathed, but other subway surfers haven't been so lucky. Kids have gotten seriously injured and even died doing the stunt. But still people continue to try it, possibly for the sheer thrill, or because the subway is crowded as shit, or because they're chasing after this guy's viral glory:

As horrific as riding the train might be, surfing it is an extremely dangerous alternative. It's probably safer to just cross your fingers, accept the fact that the subway system is in an actual state of emergency, and pray that the ceiling doesn't come crashing down on your head.

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