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76 Percent of Australians and New Zealanders Would Vote for Clinton

We're #WithHer.

by Katherine Gillespie
09 November 2016, 12:00am

Image via Flickr user Marc Nozell

The US Election is happening right now, and although only US citizens can vote, that doesn't stop literally everyone else in the entire world from having an opinion. Presumably this is why the Washington Post polled eight countries to find out how the world would vote.

The results of the survey were weighted to be representative in terms of both age and gender. Third party candidates were excluded—this was a purely Trump versus Clinton battle. Respondents were simply asked who they would vote for if they were eligible to do so, and who they expected to win. Oh, and the results for Australia and New Zealand were combined.

Surveying 500 people from each country, the poll results show overwhelming support for Hillary Clinton in the United Kingdom (73 percent), Australia and New Zealand (76 percent), Canada (78 percent), France (86 percent), Germany (88 percent), and Mexico (an unsurprising 97 percent). In Russia, only 23 percent of people would vote Clinton—which is weird, because isn't Trump always saying that he and Vladimir Putin aren't friends?

Interestingly, many of those who wished for a Trump victory said they still expected Clinton to win. This assumption occurred across the board—even in Russia, where 43 percent of those polled thought Clinton would be elected. Everywhere else, at least 75 percent of people were confident of a Clinton victory.

Meanwhile, some Australian MPs have bravely come out in support of Trump. Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, who has acquired a fetching Donald Trump-style "Make Australia Great Again" hat, on Tuesday wrote in his weekly email newsletter (what—you haven't subscribed?) that "it is no surprise to see that the machinations of the Left and their apparatchiks aren't limited to the USA."

"In Australia the parliamentary cheer squad for Hillary Clinton has been busy too. The likes of Penny Wong are outraged that I am supporting Trump," he said.

Bernardi's fellow Liberal George Christensen is also a Trump fan, as are the members of One Nation.

All of this is meaningless, though. All we can do is watch and wait for the next leader of the free world to ascend. Most voting booths will have closed in the United States by 3 PM AEST, which is when the initial results will start flowing in.

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