WATCH: Exclusive Premiere of SWIDT's New Video, Conquer

The rappers drop the first track, Conquer, from their brand new EP.

Feb 8 2018, 4:49am

Onehunga’s hometown heroes SWIDT take a simple approach to dropping new music: they release what they want, when they want. Without warning, and premiering right here at VICE, comes the group’s new single ‘Conquer’, lifted from their latest project STONEYHUNGA: The Bootleg EP. “We had so many dope records from all the sessions for our debut, we didn’t want to waste them, says SPYCC. “So we decided on a surprise EP to hold the audience over till our sophomore album drops later in the year.”

The Bootleg EP is out in full tomorrow and ‘Conquer’ finds the boys taking in their breakout year, which saw them go top five on the album charts and scoop up New Zealand music awards for Best Hip-Hop Album and Best Group. “Look at the growth and how we rose to prominence,” they rap. “We gave you the most and we’ve still got a lot to give.” It’s a triumphant victory lap and a reminder that, yeah, this is still just the beginning. Watch here:

Plus, here's a sneak-peek of the EP's tracklist:

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