These Photos Capture a Kiwi Summer in Black and White

These Black and White Photos Capture the Dog Days of a Kiwi Summer

Connor Lambert proves we don’t need colour to reminisce about summer.
27 December 2018, 8:40pm

When you think of summer, bright colours are usually inescapable. Picture your mum's poorly mix-matched bikini, shameful sunburn and greasy hot chips. See what I mean?

But budding New Zealand photographer Connor Lambert decided to capture his summer a little differently, and we dig it. His collection ‘Summer in Black and White’ represents the nostalgia of the sunnier and longer days we yearn for year round.

“During winter we forget the smell of sunblock, the feeling of walking on hot tarmac or even the taste of bubbles on Christmas day. So all year long summer is an idea that we dream about in black and white, it's only when summer is here, that we see it in colour again,” Lambert told VICE.

From cracking open a cold one during the golden hour to living in bare feet and rocking speedos. This collection is all about the little things we crave.