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The Simon Bridges Tape Featuring Jami-Lee Ross Has Dropped

The eagerly waited release leaves critics a little confused.

by James Borrowdale
17 October 2018, 4:13am

Finally, it's dropped. The most talked-about release of the past two days. The recording that has set the hearts of the nation's political journalists all a flutter. And the first reviews are in. Incriminating? Maybe. Embarrassing? Very.

As promised, MP-gone-rogue Jami-Lee Ross this afternoon uploaded a recording of a phone conversation between himself and National leader Simon Bridges, recorded without Bridges' knowledge on June 25th.

Ross claims the recording contains proof of electoral fraud committed by Bridges, although that claim has been questioned. During the phone call the two discuss the $100,000 donation that is at the centre of Ross' claims, and then move on to a plan to bring in more Chinese candidates, as discussed by the donor of the money.

If the recording isn't incriminating, however, it is still plenty embarrassing for Bridges—and for Ross. Bridges was recorded saying that National MP Maureen Pugh is "fucking useless", while Ross let slip, when discussing the future make-up of the National team, this actual sentence: "Two Chinese is more valuable than two Indians."

You can listen to the full recording below:

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