Brexit means Brexit

Nigel Farage Has Vowed to Leave the UK If Brexit Is a Disaster


by Annie Lord
30 March 2017, 3:47am

(Top photo: Chatham House, via)

Article 50 is triggered: we are on the way out. Forecasters still don't really know what the forecast is, but now it's happening we all have to hope for the best. Still, if all goes to shit at least there's a silver lining: Nigel Farage has said he will leave the UK.

Last night a Remainer named Tony rang Farage's LBC radio show and asked if he would apologise and quit politics if "two or three years down the line" expert forecasts of an "economic disaster" triggered by Brexit became a reality. Farage first chose to point the finger: There "[isn't] much of a tradition" of politicians resigning or apologising for their mistakes, he said, before adding: "If Brexit is a disaster I will go and live abroad. I will go and live somewhere else."

Farage then quickly reassured the caller, with just as much solid evidence as the Leave campaign relied on in the run-up to the referendum. "Do you know what, Tony? It isn't going to be a disaster," he said. "We've just managed to get ourselves in a lifeboat off the Titanic."

So where would Farage go if the process he was instrumental in bringing about fucked up everything as much as some analysts say it will? "If I were rich I wouldn't be living in the middle of New York," he mused. "I'd be out in Maine, somewhere coastal."

So there you have it: just like David Cameron, who called the referendum to aid his career and then abandoned ship when things didn't go his way, Farage seems just as ready to abandon the country he got in this mess.