Sekaido, Mandarake, and Studio 4°C: Toby Morris Explores Tokyo’s Comic Art Scene

Auckland based illustrator Toby Morris travels to Tokyo, where comic art and anime infiltrate everyday life.

This article is presented by Steinlager Tokyo Dry, a Japanese inspired New Zealand beer. We explored the cultural similarities and differences between Japan and New Zealand in a three-part video series.

In this episode of The Other Side of Art, Auckland based illustrator and comic artist Toby Morris travels to Japan—the place where more people read comics than newspapers.

Toby takes a fast paced journey through Tokyo to explore how its vibrant comic art and anime scene permeates everyday life—from the comic stores out the front of train stations to the street signage.

He visits stationery superstore Sekaido, before stopping by multilevel manga mecca, Mandarake.

Toby meets with animator Takahiro Tanaka at Studio 4°C to find out how closely comics and manga go hand-in-hand in Japan, and to collaborate on a comic.