People Tell Us the Most Ridiculous Ways They've Lost Drugs

"After a night out, I went back to my parents' house in a pretty bad state. While getting my keys out, I dropped my weed on the stairs just outside the front door. My mum found it hours later."

by Ana Iris Simón
11 October 2018, 6:14pm

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Losing anything can make you feel like the rug's been pulled out from under you. Ever got back home, slept for seven hours, then woken up to realise you don't have your debit card and passport and you've got a flight to catch that afternoon? Or maybe you've got back from a massive party, put your ket leftovers somewhere in your room, and now you can't find them and it's your friend's birthday in three days? What I'm trying to say is, losing drugs can be pretty frustrating. A gram is not like a pair of car keys; your parents aren't going to drop what they're doing to help you search for that one pill you swear you brought back from a festival. So the search has to be subtle and discrete, and often long and unsuccessful.

To find out exactly how annoying it can be, I went in search of some ridiculous tales of the times people lost (and maybe also found) their drugs. As always, if you're considering taking recreational drugs, which you've been able to test, please look into having a safe sesh – find out more about that here.

A realllly good tip at a bar

"A few weeks ago we went out for dinner at this bar. When we were done, we told our friend that he should not be a dick by leaving a bad tip. He responded by pouring all of his loose change into the bill basket. What he didn't realise was that between all those coins was an entire gram of coke. Not long after we left, we realised what had happened, and my friend had to go and ask the waiter for 'something that was left in the basket'. The waiter was like, 'yeah, yeah', and gave it back, while we cracked up laughing in the doorway." – Diego, 27

The hazy end of a festival

"A couple of years ago, when I still lived at home with my parents, I came back from a festival with my head pretty fried and started to do some laundry. I had quite a bit of speed left over but I didn't know where I had put it, even though I knew it had come back with me because my last memory was of picking it up from my tent.

Days and weeks went by and I couldn't find it anywhere, and although I wasn't too worried, I was still pretty paranoid that I had left it around the house for my parents to find

Months later, when I had nearly forgotten about it, I found it in the pocket of some shorts. It was a weird lump, like a mix between plastic and dust, because I had put it through the wash and been walking around with it the whole time. I decided to hold on to it for a laugh, but one night my friends and I ended up taking it. Our reasoning was that speed already has a lot of crap in it anyway, so who cares about a bit of detergent and fabric softener."

– Ana, 25

A toilet bowl

"I was 22 years old and on my way to a festival with some mates. Before leaving, we picked up some drugs and hid them in different parts of the car – which I was driving. I decided to keep a gram of MDMA in the lining of my pants in case the police stopped us. On the way there we stopped for a wee, and when I went to flush the chain, I realised that the gram had fallen out, and was just floating there in urine and water. I rescued some of it, but I lost quite a bit. I thought my friends wouldn't speak to me for the whole trip. But when we got to the festival, we realised that pretty much all of us had lost some drugs on the way." – Alba, 28

An understanding mum

"I've always carried my weed in my tackiest, leopard-print purse. After a night out, I went back to my parents' house in a pretty bad state. And so while getting my keys out, I dropped my weed on the stairs just outside the front door. Unfortunately, my mum found it hours later when she went out to sweep the doorstep. There wasn't a huge telling-off; she knows what kids get up to. But from that moment on, she would frown at me whenever she saw my purse." – Esther, 32

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A sweaty sock

"I was at a nightclub with two friends and we were quite tired even though it was early, so we decided to get half a gram in, which I held on to. We took some, but a bit later when one of them asked me for a bit more, I realised that I didn't have it. I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find it. We called the dealer again and asked him for another half, and he must have been surprised because barely 30 mins had gone by since we last saw him. Not long after we'd paid for the second lot, I realised that I'd put the first half-gram in my sock." – Óscar, 26

A bus-based dilemma

"This is a bit more about the strange way I got it back than how I lost it. One day, I left my wallet with my weed in it on the bus, along with my ID. The bus driver who found it kindly took it to the address on my ID, which was actually my parents' house. I wasn't home at the time, so my mum opened the door. The poor guy must have experienced a sudden internal dilemma as to whether he should give it to her and effectively snitch on me or steal my stash. So he decided to lie – he told her that he had found my wallet but he had left it at home, and he gave her his number and a message saying to call him to get it back. So I rang him, met up with him and he gave it back to me intact. He told me the whole story, I thanked him a thousand times, and my faith in humanity was restored. The next day he messaged me to see if I wanted to meet up, and I said no. I'm sure it would have been the start of a beautiful love story, but I don't know what we would have told our children." – Adriana, 27

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