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The Dankest Memes of Elon Musk Smoking Weed

Grimes’s boyfriend smoked a doink on Joe Rogan’s podcast and the internet lost its damn mind.

by Peter Slattery
08 September 2018, 9:09pm

Image via Reddit user TheJacobus

"Elon Musk smokes weed live on YouTube with Joe Rogan" might seem like a sentence created by some sort of internet Mad Lib generator, but unfortunately, this is an actual event that has occurred in real life.

Yes, the business magnate (or “magnet,” as the video description reads) faced a doink live on YouTube for an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience Thursday night, and, predictably, not too long after, the internet lost its damn mind. Amidst Tesla’s stock tumbling and speculation about whether or not he actually inhaled, Twitter and Reddit were buzzing with Musk marijuana memes (sorry).

Though there doesn’t appear to be a universally agreed-upon format just yet, initial reactions look promising:

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