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Taking a Moment To Capture Something Special

Photographer Ryan Kenny shares his favourite summer shots.

by Ariel Katz
15 January 2017, 12:23am

All photos by Ryan Kenny

This article is part of our VICE Weekends summer series, presented by Weis

Ryan Kenny is a photographer and pretty great one at that. His work has taken him across Australia and around the world, hung in galleries and won awards. It's probably got something to do with the signature intimacy and no-frills aesthetic that he's made his own.

When he's not shooting commercial work or self-publishing zines he's out taking snaps of people and landscapes to remember a time or a situation for posterity. We asked him to send us some of his favourite summer memories and he's supplied us with a stack of photos from Sydney to Los Angeles and a lot of evidence that he's living the dream.

The only thing that makes this photo scream summer that bit more, were the amount of mosquitos eating my neck.

Calm before the storm in the Bay of Fires. Right before I got heat stroke. The doctor said I was possibly the first person to get it in Tasmania.

The Olgas, as I've repeated myself to people many times, is the most incredible landscape Australia has to offer. In my humble-have-hardly-seen-enough-of-the-country-opinion it's something everyone needs to see for themselves.

Here's the big hunk Che Parker enjoying a beautiful balance of work and relaxation.

I lived in a hotel in Hollywood for a few weeks. Something I'll never do again, but you've gotta try everything I guess.

We built this BBQ in the winter. Watching it fill with water every day for months, you'd understand why we stopped using the kitchen as soon as the sun came out.

Luke drove everywhere in America, and I had the pleasure of watching everything disappear behind me. Coming out of Joshua Tree National Park. Not advised in summer.

Dogs. Everyone needs one. You can pretend your friend's dog is your own. Isn't he beautiful?

A helping hand out of the figure eight pools in Burning Palms.

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This article is presented by Weis