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Court Documents Show the NRA's Unhinged Rhetoric Being Used Against It

The gun-rights giant says it's bleeding money, and a legal battle with its old insurance broker suggests politics are a big part of the problem.
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Mike Spies

Just How Many Guns Do Americans Actually Own?

Some fans say the number is as high as 600 million. Here's what the data really shows.
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Las Vegas Shooting

People Are Bidding Insane Amounts for 'Bump Stocks' After Vegas

The devices that speed up semi-automatic guns were all over Stephen Paddock's hotel room. With Congress considering a ban, they're a suddenly hot commodity.
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gun control

The Good Guy with a Gun Theory, Debunked

Analyzing 37 years of data, a Stanford team finds no basis for a theory at the heart of the modern gun-rights movement.
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How Did the 'Pizzagate' Shooter Get Guns with a Criminal Record?

He doesn't appear to be what the feds consider a "prohibited purchaser"—a.k.a. a person flagged in the federal background check system—despite a history of drug crimes and drunk driving
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How Trump Could Make It Way Easier to Carry a Gun Across America

States that impose tough rules for concealed carry could be undermined by the loose standards in places like Utah under President Trump.
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How the NRA Fed the Rage That Gave America Trump

The Manhattan businessman perfected the Anti-Establishment message the gun group had been honing for years.
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