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Just a Few of the Lies Women Have Been Sold

From: you read too much into everything, to: you're definitely getting abducted at some point.
Emma Garland
Lauren O'Neill
Hannah Ewens
Daisy Jones

I Got 'Brain Surgery' from a Doctor Whose Card I Found in the Street

I had an hour-long immersive experience in a bid to relax. But what am I really paying for?
Daisy Jones

Lesbian Culture Has Had a Major Update

Is this how straight people feel all the time? I'm surprised they're even functioning.
Daisy Jones

Instagram's New 'Close Friends' Feature Could Be the End of Thirst Traps

A VICE writers round table on: If we're only sharing Instagram stories with our mates, how are we going to get laid?
Hannah Ewens
Lauren O'Neill
Joel Golby
Daisy Jones
Emma Garland
Noisey News

Do We Really Need An Amy Winehouse Hologram Tour, Though?

Apparently one is in the works for 2019, and it will feature a live band.
Daisy Jones

The Stuff I Regret Giving to My Ex

Books, cats, herpes... stop giving shit to people! Keep it for yourself!
Daisy Jones

Dev Hynes Has Slowly Built an Extraordinary Canon

‘Negro Swan’ marks another step in a musical universe that the singer and producer has been forming for years.
Daisy Jones
stream of the crop

Stream of the Crop: 10 New Albums for Heavy Rotation

New albums from Blood Orange and Nothing top this week's list.
Colin Joyce
Dan Ozzi
Daisy Jones
Alex Robert Ross
Eric Sundermann
All the Shit

All the Shit That's About to Go Down During Virgo Season

It’s time to clean up the mess you made over the last few chaotic weeks.
Daisy Jones
we asked a smart person

Why Certain Drugs Make Specific Genres Sound So Good

We investigate what happens in our brains to make MDMA and house, speed and punk or hip-hop and lean go so well together.
Daisy Jones
we asked a smart person

We Asked an Expert Why We Stay Obsessed with Music From Our Teens

After a New York Times report confirmed that we solidify our music taste in adolescence, we spoke to someone who could explain why.
Daisy Jones
Social Media

What Your Instagram Aesthetic Says About You

You've got one. I've got one. Here’s a comprehensive guide to exactly what it says about your entire personality and way of life.
Daisy Jones
Hannah Ewens