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Adam Sandler’s '100% Fresh' Proves That He Can Be Funny in Any Generation

On his new Netflix special, Sandler does something comedians his age struggle with: He caters to the short attention span of the internet age.
Dan Ozzi
stream of the crop

Stream of the Crop: 10 New Albums for Heavy Rotation

New albums from Blood Orange and Nothing top this week's list.
Colin Joyce
Dan Ozzi
Daisy Jones
Alex Robert Ross
Eric Sundermann
Deep Ass Questions

Did the Era of The Strokes Set Rock and Roll Back?

Maybe the 2000s give us a rock renaissance or maybe they just gave us a bunch of leather jackets.
Dan Ozzi
The 2017 Music Issue

The Shape of Punk to Comp

How cheap compilation CDs helped revive a genre.
Dan Ozzi
Jonah Bayer
Noisey Show

How a Band Moves on from Its Masterpiece Album

The downside or releasing a perfect record is that you might forever live in its shadow.
Dan Ozzi
Noisey Show

Donald Trump, Who Lies Constantly, Spent His First Few Days as President Lying

President Trump, who lied about 3 Doors Down being good, continues to lie about things people can see with their own eyes.
Dan Ozzi

Barack Obama, the President That Punk Gave a Pass To

Punk rock has always been about fighting the government. But when an idealistic senator from Chicago came along, things got hazy.
Dan Ozzi

How Desus and Mero Found Their Comedic Voices

VICELAND's late-night comedy duo hit New Zealand airwaves tonight. We talked to them about what they think is funny and what you can and can't say these days.
Dan Ozzi