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Why British Sex Workers Will Keep Pushing for Full Decriminalisation

We spoke to The English Collective of Prostitutes about their new 'Make All Women Safe’ campaign, which takes aim at legislation that coerces women into working alone.
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Senior Sex Is the Last Frontier of Porn

The latest film in director Erika Lust's XConfessions series features John and Annie, a real life couple in their seventies who want to show people that there's no age limit on good sex.
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Behind the Website That's Basically Netflix for Independent Porn

Started by filmmaker Shine Louise Houston and porn star Jiz Lee, PinkLabel TV is the subscription-based streaming service providing the erotic future liberals want.
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sex work

Gay Escorts Are Fighting Chemsex By Offering a 'Sober Sex' Service

Emotional labour has always been a part of sex work, but as chemsex remains prevalent some escorts are now offering a more specialised service to help ween clients off "H&H fun".
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These Porn Actors Are Working to Destigmatise HIV

With services under threat and effective sex ed still a myth, HIV+ performers like Jason Domino and Hans Berlin are using their platforms to educate and advocate.
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How Crowdfunding Became a Lifeline for the Trans Community

Long waiting lists, exorbitant costs and surgeries unavailable on the NHS have shown the financial importance of platforms like GoFundMe.
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Can the Russian World Cup Sponsors Call Themselves LGBTQ-Friendly?

Brands are, as ever, happy to pose as allies when it suits them, but some marketing opportunities are too rewarding to refuse.
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Bangladesh Isn’t Fashion’s Only Dirty Secret

We’ve winced at 'Made in Bangladesh' labels since the deadly Rana Plaza collapse in 2013, but this Fashion Revolution Week we must open our eyes to factory conditions around the world.
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Hit the Instant Noodles Museum in Japan

Full of flavor.
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