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Getting Out of Bed

Why People Can't Stop Talking About Their Extremely Boring Dreams

"You were in my dream last night."
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mental health

How to Get Out of Bed When You're Depressed

Shake your body, call a friend, talk to yourself in third person.
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What It's Like to Experience Sextortion as a Teen

In 2016, the Department of Justice called sextortion "the most significantly growing threat to children.” This month, a new study asked over 5,000 teens directly about their experiences with sextortion.
Kimberly Lawson

#MeToo Has Always Been About Power—Not Specific People

In the wake of allegations against Asia Argento and Avital Ronell, activists and experts on sexual abuse say we shouldn't be focusing on victims or villains, but rather on justice and real systemic change.
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Why Men Exaggerate the Number of Women They've Slept With

A new study examines the gender discrepancy in a survey around sexual partners. We spoke with the lead author on the study about their findings.
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'My Life Is Not Your Porn': Women Lead Historic Spy Cams Protest in South Korea

Thousands of women gathered in Seoul this Saturday to protest the ongoing problem of hidden spy cams, which are used to secretly record women in public spaces for pornography.
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pay equality

How to Ask Your Coworkers How Much Money They Make

In honor of Equal Pay Day, pay equity experts give advice on having an honest conversation with colleagues about your salaries.
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The Way You Walk May Reveal How Aggressive You Are

A new, exploratory study that looks at the correlation between personality traits and your gait indicates that body language can speak volumes.
Kimberly Lawson

How We Think Sex Changes After Childbirth Versus How It Actually Changes

A new study shows that many women believe that vaginal childbirth will negatively affect their sex life, but experts say it's more complicated than that.
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Hot People Suck at Longterm Relationships, Study Says

We talked to the researcher behind a recent study that claims physically attractive people have shorter relationships and are more likely to experience divorce than physically unattractive people.
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Narcissistic Psychopaths More Likely to Major in Business and Economics, Study Finds

Researchers surveyed 487 undergraduates to figure out whether people with "dark" personalities are more likely to self-select into certain fields.
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The Growing Movement of Men Who Secretly Remove Condoms During Sex

A new study takes an in-depth look at the practice of removing a condom during sex without a partner's knowledge or consent, also known as "stealthing."
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