Laura Taylor


A Case For Dating Someone Who Makes You Cringe

What if they're just... too nice?
Laura Taylor
Animal Kingdom

Six Lessons About Love From Nigel the Lonely Gannet

Reflecting on Nigel, the bird who spent four years wooing a concrete block.
Laura Taylor
True Love

Congrats NZ, We Ruined the World’s Most Romantic TV Franchise

How New Zealand systematically burned 'Married at First Sight', and romance itself, to the ground.
Laura Taylor
mental health

Why Are Surfers So Chill? How Surfing Impacts Mental Health

Surfers and the science on depression, anxiety and wave-catching.
Laura Taylor
Tess McClure
elections nz

“We Can’t Rely on Majority Rule”: Meet NZ’s First Refugee MP

Golriz Ghahraman on how escaping Iran's oppressive regime and defending war criminals in international courts has shaped her politics.
Laura Taylor
mental health

How to Talk to Mates About Anxiety, from Guys Who've Been There

The idea that New Zealand masculinity equals rugged individualism isn't helping.
Laura Taylor

A Definitive Review of the New Lana Del Rey Album - Without Hearing It

'Lust for Life' is out tomorrow but no previews are available so here’s a thorough evaluation from the track titles. And a five-year-old's vision of the art work.
Laura Taylor

How to Negotiate a Break-Up, According to Haim’s New Album

Because Baby Haim knows what you need.
Laura Taylor

Ian Daniel On the Season Finale of GAYCATION

After two seasons experiencing gay culture around the world, the VICELAND show host tells us why American minorities are preparing for the worst and why young New Zealanders need to get out and vote.
Laura Taylor