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We Asked People About the First Time They Fell in Love

"After three weeks—I was very young so don’t judge me—I told her that I loved her."
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This Bangladeshi Photographer’s Work on Beauty Will Give You Nightmares

In the series 'Concealed,' Bangladeshi photographer Habiba Nowrose explores the sacrifice women make every day to fit society's standards of beauty.
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Everything We Know About the Toxic Chemical Spill in Malaysia So Far

Over 3,000 people have been hospitalised from exposure to hazardous fumes since early this month, and more dumping sites were discovered today.
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South Korea

K-Pop’s Squeaky Clean Image Tarnished by Recent Sex Scandals Involving Its Biggest Stars

The multi-billion industry has a serious problem of sexual misconduct and abuse of power.
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Deadly Disruption

South Korea's Taxi Drivers Keep Setting Themselves On Fire to Protest a New Ridehailing Service

There's a dark side to the on-demand industry.
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South Korea

South Korea Is Giving Men Money to Buy a Bride to Save Its Shrinking Population

If you're a single man living in the country's rural areas, you may qualify for this marriage subsidy program.
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If Countries Could Deal with Their Own Toxic Waste, That Would Be Great

Five years later, the Philippines is still waiting for Canada to collect the huge load of hazardous waste it dumped in Manila.
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A Man Drove His Truck Into a River After Following Google Maps Directions

It's another accident caused by our reliance on navigation apps.
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People are Freaking Out Over Sea Serpent Creatures Washing Up On Japan's Shores

Many believe that they're a sign a tsunami is coming.
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The VICE Guide to Right Now

Indonesian District Wants to Ban Parents From Giving Their Babies 'Foreign Names'

There's a lot of Emmas being born in Indonesia right now.
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