How I Made Consensual Non-Monogamy Work

My girlfriend was the one interested in the idea of being open; I was duly terrified at the prospect. I asked for a six-month freeze on the non-monogamy plan—which turned out to be exactly what I needed.
Grant Stoddard
3 hours ago

'Happiness Is Hard to Find,' Today's Comic by Rob Corradetti

A wolf talks about what his world is like when he's sad.
Rob Corradetti
4 hours ago

Amyl Is More Than Just a Recreational Drug

People have been using poppers for more than 50 years to alleviate all kinds of sexual discomfort.
Gavin Butler
4 hours ago
health food

Baby Names Resemble Salad Ingredients Now

Kale, Kiwi, Saffron, and Maple were each used as baby names at least 30 percent more in 2018.
Bettina Makalintal
4 hours ago

Air NZ Cabin Crew On the Shame Of THAT Safety Video

“I can feel them watching me, looking at me as if I’m to blame for this monstrosity.”
James Borrowdale
6 hours ago

New Zealand Government Signals "Paradigm Shift" In Drug Policy

Supply and manufacture of some drugs will incur harsher sentences, but Police directed to channel users towards recovery services, not the courts.
James Borrowdale
7 hours ago

I Shot My Dick Off in Vietnam

Having fully intact genitals is something most of us take for granted. But some people, like Jim, are not so lucky. Jim accidentally shot off most of his penis while serving as a soldier in Vietnam. He was 18 at the time, and has since struggled with...
Karley Sciortino
7 hours ago

Psychology’s Short-Lived Experiment With Nude Psychotherapy

Getting naked in therapy sessions was considered part of a search for authenticity.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD
7 hours ago

First Someone Murdered His Zebras, Then He Was Shot Too

Over the last year, five animals and one human have been shot at Hevans Safari in Iowa, but only the human survived.
Mack Lamoureux
7 hours ago
mental health

The Dark Truths Behind Our Obsession With Self-Care

What this growing trend reveals about the flaws in mental healthcare.
Shayla Love
10 hours ago

A Glimpse of Seoul’s Pulsating Rave Scene

"No one knows what will happen tomorrow, after the loud music has stopped."
Juule Kay
10 hours ago

The Worst Movies I Saw This Year

Because with movies like ‘Gotti’ and ‘Venom’, I must hate myself for watching them.
Noel Ransome
10 hours ago