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It’s 2019 and Scientists Have Created Mind-Controlled Rat Cyborgs

A team in China figured out a way to take control of a rat and "steer" it through a maze with their thoughts.
Gavin Butler
8 hours ago
Five Questions

Five Questions About… the Gatwick Drone Conspiracy Theorists

One Droney Boi.
Joel Golby
8 hours ago
hard data

Why Gay Men Often Fetishize Straight Men

‘Straight Guys’ was the most-viewed category on Pornhub’s gay site in 2018. Here are some expert theories on why.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD
8 hours ago
Views My Own

Sarah Sanders's Latest Lie Is Somehow Her Worst

After a member of the military allegedly obsessed with race war got arrested, Trump's spokeswoman reached a new low.
Matt Taylor
8 hours ago

The Story of a Blackout Benzo Addict

The blissful escape of benzodiazepines helped me cope with depression and anxiety, but my life ended up falling apart around me.
Daniel Finn
8 hours ago

How the Protest Art of The Pacific Sisters Forged a Space in a City of Outsiders

Nearly thirty years after they formed in Auckland, The Pacific Sisters come home.
Mya Cole
a day ago
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What Your Favourite Drink Says About You

From the perspective of a disdainful bartender.
James Greig
a day ago
true crime

The Woman Who Plotted a Valentine's Mass Murder Shares How the Internet Radicalised Her

How a violent Tumblr meme sparked an online romance that almost ended with the worst mass killing in Canadian history.
Mack Lamoureux
a day ago

This Woman Killed Hundreds Of Elephants For Their Ivory. Cops Finally Caught Her.

Chinese criminal Yang Fenlan faces 15 years in prison for managing an organized group that poached endangered elephants
Edoardo Liotta
a day ago

Everything You Need to Know About Herpes and Sex

A guide to not passing along the world's most common STI.
Cindy Kuzma
a day ago

An Up-Close Look at America’s Evolving Militia Movement

They're obsessed with guns and potential disaster—and after Democrats won back part of Congress, they aren't slowing down.
Jen Osborne
a day ago
Australia Today

Queenslanders Will Soon Be Able to Get Emojis on Their Number Plates

But the eggplant is not an option.
Gavin Butler
a day ago