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Australians Take $9 Billion Worth of Drugs a Year, According to Poo Samples

The latest wastewater results reveal the true extent of Australia's passion for getting high.
Gavin Butler
3 days ago

This Australian Town Has an Elvis Festival for No Reason

Elvis never visited Australia but people in Parkes don't give a shit.
Igor Hill
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Australia's Extreme Heatwaves Have Killed a Million Fish, Dozens of Horses

Temperatures in Port Augusta soared to 49.1ºC (120.4ºF) on Thursday, making it the hottest spot in the country.
Becky Ferreira
Australia Today

Snakes at Melbourne Zoo Are Doing Aqua-Aerobics So They Don’t Get Fat

The zoo has installed what they believe to be the world's very first "hydro-gym": an exercise pool where reptiles can build muscle tone and stay fit.
Gavin Butler

Australia Is So Hot That An Unattended Steak Cooked In a Hot Car

A cafe owner left the steak in a parked car for five hours and came back to it well done.
Bettina Makalintal

Welcome to the Desert Where Nuclear Tests Melted Sand into Glass

Maralinga is a remote part of South Australia where the UK tested nuclear weapons during the Cold War.
Joe Patterson
Australia Today

Malindo Air Crew Have Been Smuggling Drugs into Australia for Years, Police Allege

Investigators believe the Malaysian airline's attendants may have smuggled in at least $21 million worth of drugs over five years.
Gavin Butler

A Melbourne Hospital Will Trial Magic Mushroom Therapy for Dying Patients

Australia's first shroom trial is set to take place at St Vincent's Hospital in April.
Gavin Butler
Australia Today

Sorry, but Your Nicotine-Free Vape Probably Contains Nicotine

Australian researchers tested 10 different "nicotine-free" vape liquids to find 60 percent of them contain nicotine.
Gavin Butler

How a US Spy Base Turned Alice Springs Into an LGBTIQ Paradise

It's now home to the largest queer community in regional Australia.
Julian Morgans
Rhi Holmes
Laura Woods
Australia Today

A ‘Drug Overdose’ at Beyond The Valley Was Probably a Snake Bite

It's been revealed that 20-year-old Callum Edwards, who died of a suspected drug overdose last week, had tiger snake venom in his system.
Gavin Butler
Australia Today

Over 20 People Have Been Stung by Deadly Irukandji Jellyfish this Summer

The jellyfish that makes you trip so hard you want to die is causing mayhem on Australia's northeast coast—and it's not entirely clear why.
Gavin Butler