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Phys Ed

Everything I Learned at a Naked Workout Class

"It's only after touching my entire, uncovered body to the ground that I consider how dirty the floor is."
Spenser Mestel
Advice for Anxious People

Worrying About How My Body Looks Is Ruining My Sex Life

"You could be a stone-cold fox and still only notice your scars, wrinkles, and that random dark spot on the underside of your left knee."
Robert Duff

Butt-Enhancing Underwear for Guys Is Way More Popular Than You Think

Everybody likes big butts (and they cannot lie).
Steven Blum
body image

12 Camels Disqualified From Beauty Contest For Having Plastic Surgery

"A full, droopy lip and large features are essential to achieving camel celebrity-status."
Rebecca Kamm

I Tried Microblading to Get Hollywood Eyebrows

If you think this sounds a bit like getting tattoos on your face well, it sort of is.
Grant Stoddard

I Tried Naked Yoga and Got Acquainted with All My Orifices

Our mats on the floor were laid out in a semicircle. For obvious reasons, you don't want to sit behind someone when you're doing yoga in the nude.
Insa Schniedermeier

I Spent 80 Days Trying to Get Abs and It Ruined My Life

I lost 30 pounds and a quarter of my body fat and all it cost was my social life, my relationship, and any joy I had.
Graham Isador

Too Many Gay Men Still Hate Their Bodies

Why body dysmorphia and unhealthy body image issues continue to run rampant in the gay community.
Jack Hobbs
Social Media

Is Snapchat Making Us Forget What We Look Like?

As JME tweeted: "The filters are making everybody look like MJ, with a wreath as well. Mad."
Ruth Faj
bojack horseman

How 'Bojack Horseman' Forced Me to Face My Body Image Issues

"The Judge" brought back the pains of growing up in a world obsessed with image and size.
Jaya Sax

I Had the Best Sex of My Life While Pregnant

It was much more meaningful.
Melissa Petro
mental health

Why Are So Many Nutrition Students Struggling With Eating Disorders?

We spoke to four people involved in health education about why studying nutrition can be so unhealthy.
Sam Nichols