A Vegetarian Chef Killed a Customer and Then Served Him to Other Customers

Customers at the Bangkok restaurant complained when they found meat in their noodles.


Judith Collins Tweets Fake News Site; Requests Prime Minister Response

The site's other hits include exposés on the illuminati's cloning of Dave Chapelle and Katy Perry's cannibalism.


This Guy Served His Friends Tacos Made from His Own Amputated Leg

“One friend had to spit me into a napkin.”


Russian 'Cannibal Couple' Suspected of Killing and Eating Dozens of Victims

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'Libertarian Chicken,' Today's Comic by Ben Passmore

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'Black Metal Musicians Lost in the Woods,' Today's Comic by Pedro D'Apremont

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How the Director of 'Raw' Managed to Humanize a Cannibal

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The Life and Crimes of 'Cannibal Cop Killer' Stefano Brizzi

The Italian invited a policeman to his London flat for a chemsex party, strangled him, chopped him up and, inspired by 'Breaking Bad', tried to dissolve him in acid.


Cannibalism Isn't as Edgy as You Think

Zoologist Bill Schutt's new book takes the bite out of Western taboos that consider eating another person the worst thing you could do.