The One Place in the US Google Earth Stopped Mapping

For eight years, Google Earth didn't update its satellite image of a military installation in Nevada. So we bought one ourselves.


The Chinese Version of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Leaves out all LGBT References

Over 4 minutes of LGBT, HIV and drug-related content was omitted from China’s premiere of the film, in line with state censorship.


Chinese Censors are Blurring Male Earrings Because They're too 'Effeminate'

Some believe the censorship is part of a Government-driven agenda to reinforce traditional gender roles.


Google CEO Says No Plan to ‘Launch’ Censored Search Engine in China

In a hearing with the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai kept saying the company has no plans right now to launch a search product in China. But that response leaves plenty of room to launch when it does want to.


Tumblr’s Algorithm Thinks Vomiting Unicorns, Raw Chicken, and Boot Cleaners Are Porn

Users have been sharing their innocuous posts that have been deemed #TooSexyForTumblr.


Surreal Photos of Strangers and Lovers in a Paris Hotel

No. 223 (aka Lin Zhipeng) took over the Hôtel Grand Amour for three days, capturing models he found on Instagram — "All Asians. And older than 18!"— in playfully erotic posts.


Twitch Has Been Banned in China and No One Knows Why

Apple did not respond to a question about why the app was removed from the App Store


The Future of Porn Is Only Getting Worse

We interviewed award-winning feminist adult film maker Erika Lust about the impact of FOSTA/SESTA on porn, the problem with age verification checks and the value of education over regulation.


Google Wants Back Into China — and Will Censor Search Results to Get There

"It’s hard to resist the red sirens of the world's biggest internet market.”


China Is Censoring Rainbow Flags And Queer-Positive Eurovision Performances

Wait, if you take out the LGBTQ+ stuff, what’s left?


Students at Melbourne Uni Don't Want Any Loose Talk on Their Porn Ban

"Just so y'all know, there's some girl from a magazine trying super hard to get some quotes from Ormondians about the internet filter."


It Took This Artist Three Years to Animate His Wild Chinese Gangster Movie

In Liu Jian's 'Have a Nice Day,' nobody has a nice day.