Donald Trump

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Trump's Phony Emergency Pushed America a Little Closer Toward a Real Crisis

It's another step down a road that could lead to the end of American democracy.
Harry Cheadle
5 hours ago
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Being Raised by Two Narcissists Taught Me How to Deal with Trump

Two years in, some people are still expecting one of his scandals to bring him down. I know better.
Karen Geier
4 days ago
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Trump's State of the Union Showed Us Everything Wrong with His Presidency

The dull, falsehood-laden speech just underscored how committed the president is to vicious partisan warfare.
Harry Cheadle
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Trump's Skin Is Just That Color from 'Good Genes,’ Says White House

Makes sense.
River Donaghey

Maduro Warns of "Another War Like Vietnam" If The U.S. Intervenes in Venezuela

He said leaders in Washington wanted to “to put their hands on” Venezuela’s massive oil reserves, “as they did in Iraq and Libya.”
Tim Hume

The Five Wildest Bits from Cliff Sims's Jaw-Dropping White House Tell-All

'Team of Vipers' spills top-shelf tea about the former aide's time in the petty, backstabbing world of the Trump White House.
Justin Caffier
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Venezuelans Are Stuck Between Two Presidents

But most say they plan to stay despite the critical shortages and the mounting political crisis
Patricia Guerra
Joe Hill

Trump Is Actually Lousy at Making Deals, According to Negotiation Experts

After the president caved and ended the shutdown without getting a wall, it's clearer than ever he's not a master negotiator.
Justin Caffier
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Nancy Pelosi Mopped the Floor with Trump

The president lost his shutdown battle because he was outclassed by the woman leading the House.
Harry Cheadle

The 20 Biggest Memes of the Trump Era So Far

Unfortunately, we're living through a time when memes matter. Here are the ones that have mattered the most.
Sage Lazzaro
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We Need to Learn to Call a Racist a Racist

Fighting racism means calling it out, not hiding behind euphemisms like "racially tinged."
Issac J. Bailey
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Trump's Shutdown Is a Savage Assault on the Working Class

People who aren't rich and don't spend their lives trying to get rich are the ones getting screwed.
Matt Taylor