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The British Criminals Moving to Pakistan to Make a Killing from Heroin

Two British street dealers are now making a fortune sending batches of heroin from Pakistan back to the UK. They aren't the only ones.
Max Daly

Tijuana’s Tourism Is Booming Even as the Homicide Rate Spikes

Over 2,300 people have been murdered in 2018 thus far, an increase from 1,647 homicides in 2017.
Alejandra Sánchez Inzunza
José Luis Pardo Veiras

Real Mexican Drug Traffickers Find ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Nostalgic and Relatable

“I’m a clown compared to the drug traffickers in the series, but there is some resemblance there—or at least I can see myself in them.”
Jorge Damián Méndez Lozano

What It’s Like To Be a Big-Time Female Weed Trafficker

‘I am Queen C, I am this badass bitch. But I do have this secret.’
Manisha Krishnan

What It's Like to Be a Big-Time Female Coke Trafficker

"We were moving like 60 keys a week. I brought in my dad and my stepbrother and we were off and running."
Brandi Davis
Australia Today

Apparently International Drug Smugglers Love Kingswoods

Or at least that's what the French authorities say.
Mahmood Fazal

Meeting the Fugitive Kids of International Drug Smugglers

The writer – who was forced to move around the world as a child because of her weed-smuggling father – speaks to others who have lived similar lives.
Tyler Wetherall

What It's Like to Fight for Human Rights In a Country Where an 'Illegal' Skype Call Can Land You Behind Bars

Singaporean human rights activist Jolovan Wham is facing a litany of charges including organizing an "unregistered" Skype Q&A and taping pieces of paper to a wall. We spoke with him and three others about the difficulties activists face every day.
Cher Tan

How Colombia's Biggest Ever Cocaine Bust Will Affect the Coke Supply Worldwide

Also: how long of a line could you make out of 12 tons of seized cocaine?
Jamie Clifton
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Everything We Know About the Australian Arrested With 5.8 Kilograms of Coke in Colombia

Adelaide personal trainer Cassie Sainsbury is currently detained in Bogotá's El Buen Pastor women's prison.
VICE Staff
drug trafficking

How to Survive an Interview With Pablo Escobar’s Hitman

In a new documentary, Sydney author Rusty Young sits down with the main players of Escobar's former cartel.
Katherine Gillespie